New Xmas single Eternal Light

Join us at PICTURE celebrating Xmas 2021 with our new Xmas single “Eternal Light“.
All the best wishes from Appie, Bakkie, Peter, Jan and Rinus and a Merry Xmas to all fans!

Thanks to Jonathan Merrelaar (Red Pack Productions) for his awesome work. Enjoy!!

Picture 4CD Box “Live And Rare Demos Anthology 1979-2008”

Great news for all our Picture maniacs! The 4CD box “Live And Rare Demos Anthology 1979-2008” is released by Classic Metal. A must have for every Picture maniac!




* CD 1 – Live And Rare Demos 1979-1981:
Picture 1979-1980 Demo :
1. No More
2. Deep In Me
3. I’m Going Alone
4. Why Did She…
5. I’m Going Back
6. I’m A Drinker
7. Jingle Bells
8. Nightmare
Demos 1979:
9. Nightmare
10. The Blame Is On Us
11. No More
12. My Gun Shoots
Demo 1980:
13. All My Life
Hard Rock Live 1981 – Supporting Ted Nugent’s concert:
14. Bombers
15. You Can Go
Live In Steenwijk, April 17, 1981, KRO radio Broadcast:
16. Rockin in your Brain
17. Little Annie
18. Blown Away
Live Bonkelaar, Sliedrecht,Netherlands 02 – 10 – 1981:
19. Watch Out (Unreleased)

* CD 2 : Live And Rare 1982-1983 :
Live Steenwijk, Netherlands the 17th of April 1982 broadcasted in the dutch Metalshow “Stampij”.
1. Funky Town
2. Get Back Or You Fall
Live in Sliedrecht, Holland 1982:
3. Lady Lightning
4. Lousy Lady
Live at Countdown Cafe, Hilversum, Holland. December 28, 1983:
5. The Blade
Live at Earthquake Fest Holland – April 30, 1983:
6. You’re All Alone
7. Tell No Lies
8. Diamond Dreamer
9. The Hangman
10. King Of The Light
11. Flying In Time
12. Power Of Evil
13. Lady Lightning
14. Every Day’s A Weekend
15. Hot Lovin’
16. Battle For The Universe
17. Bombers
18. Message From Hell

* CD 3 – The Reunion Show, Netherlands 1988:
1. My Brain Is On Fire
2. Get Back Or You Fall
3. Rockin´In Your Brain
4. Night Tiger
5. No More
6. Bombers
7. Fear
8. You´re All Alone
9. Spend The Night With You
10. My Gun Shoots
11. Rock´n Roll Under Your Spell
12. Little Annie
13. No No No (incl. drumsolo and guitar solo)
14. Mistreated (Rainbow cover)
15. Heavy Metal Ears

* CD 4 : Member’s Projects – Rare Recordings 1992-2008
(Jan Bechtum’s project)
1. Silent Suffering (1992)
Jan Bechtum’s Picture:
2. Circles (Instrumental – 1996)
3. In Your Face (with Shmoulik Avigal 1997)
4. In Your Face (1997)
5. Lady Lightning (1997 )
6. Nightunter (1997 )
(Ronald and Appie’s Project 1997):
7. Beware
8. Hours
9. Hours From Home
10. Daily Star
(Ronald and Appie’s Project 2005)
11. Good Night
12. Running Up (Wout Lock- composer)
13. Finally Found You (Wout Lock- composer)
( Picture’s return with Pete Lovell 2008)
14. Fill Your Head With Rock

Picture live in Ridderkerk cancelled

Unfortunately we have to inform you that this gig is cancelled.


Picture to re-start with Peter Strykes!

Holland’s oldest metal band Picture announces that they will pick up where they left of before the corona restrictions, but with new singer and old friend Peter Strykes.

Years ago, Peter already proved to be the perfect fit when he replaced Picture’s singer at a performance in Portugal when the band was temporarily without frontman. The relationship between Peter and the band has always been close and this way Picture can show their gratitude towards Peter for his efforts as well. Peter Strykes has more than earned his stripes in the rock business with bands like VandenBerg, Horizon and 1ST AVENUE. From 1ST AVENUE the 2CDs have even been released worldwide.

To warm up the fans for the Picture performances, normally starting again from the end of October onwards, Peter has recorded the title track of Picture’s 2019 released studio album WINGS with his own unique vocals on it.

Together with Peter, Picture will again provide their familiar fireworks, in a way only Picture can.

Listen to the track Wings with Peter here.


Picture ONLINE:

Bookings: Eternal Rock –


Metal meets Classic for Christmas Picture + Waldin Roes

This year for Christmas, I wrote with my band Picture and Waldin Roes a song for all of you, friends near and far.

A carefree song, without too many pretensions, a strong and gentle song, like a true Abruzzese, a song that you almost think is yet another bullshit but when you have listened to it well … intensely I mean … it stays inside you like that good wine that you were drinking.

A song about love, the one between people, the one of the heart, that pure feeling that we think is going to disappear, of course the period is what it is but what the heck, it will have to end.

A Christmas song written in one breath, like this sonnet that I’m sure Proietti or Sordi would have appreciated, written with a trembling hand and turned with little pretense because you know, at Christmas what we love most are surprises!

Phoenix Reborn

Live Bang Your Head 2019

Great festival performance at Bang Your Head 2019. New Images and sound from the upcoming live CD!!!

Sammy Shmoulik Avigal passed away

This terrible news reached us today (July 31, 2020):

Hello everyone. This is Shmoulik’s wife. I wanted to let you all know that at 4:58 he lost his battle and passed away. Please celebrate the man, the legend. Goodbye my love — we all love you.

Needless to say we are heartbroken by this terrible news. Sammy was a great friend, a great performer and vocalist. We are very proud that he was the singer in our band in 1982 with whom we recorded one of the best Dutch metal albums ever: Diamond Dreamer.
We will miss you and would have really wanted to do some tours with you to celebrate this album but it wasn’t to be.
Our thoughts and prayers go to your wife and next of kin.
Godspeed Sammy Shmoulik Avigal!

New DVD or BluRay of Picture Live in Sao Paulo OUT NOW!

The new BluRay or DVD + 2 audio CD’s of the full Sao Paulo concert in June 2019 is  OUT NOW!

GREAT 5.1 Sound

Extensive booklet included with stories and fan photo’s.

See the webshop to order!


7. NO NO NO 03:30
13. LINE OF LIFE 03:45
14. UNEMPLOYED 05:43
15. BOMBERS 05:31
17. THE HANGMAN 03:27
18. YOU CAN GO 05:15

New singer for Picture

It is with sadness that we have to say goodbye to Ronald van Prooijen as singer of our band. Due to personal circumstances he will no longer be able to put enough time and effort in the band. We are however very grateful for the years we worked together and thank Ronald for the excitement and professionalism he brought to help Picture with our new gained success since 2016. We will miss him and his phenomenal stage presence.

Of course, this will not be the end of Picture. We will go on with a new lead singer: the Italian heavy metal vocalist Phoenix Reborn. We have met him through Appie’s Iron Maiden tribute band “IJzeren Maagden” where he is also the lead singer.

After one rehearsal we knew he was our man. He is very happy to join us and take his own musical career one step further. Picture welcomes him with great excitement, and you can expect equally great shows very soon.