Welcome to the official website of First Dutch metal band Picture

Holland’s oldest metal band Picture, celebrating 45 years of heavy metal ears and still going strong!.


Picture is stronger than ever and will be touring worldwide in 2024. Together with Rinus Vreugdenhil, Laurens Bakker, Appie de Gelder, Len Ruygrok and Peter Strykes the band is solid as a rock….. ‘n roll!

Lead singer Peter Strykes has more than earned his stripes in the rock business with bands like VANDENBERG, Horizon and 1ST AVENUE.
From 1ST AVENUE the 2CDs have even been released worldwide.

To warm up the fans for the Picture performances Peter has recorded the title track of Picture’s 2019 released studio album WINGS with his own unique vocals on it.

Together with Peter, Picture will again provide their familiar fireworks, in a way only Picture can.

Listen to the track Wings with Peter here.

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