Backstage with Mikkey Dee

09-06-2017: After our gig at Swedish Rock Festival we met Mikkey Dee. Former drummer of King Diamond and Motörhead, now member of Scorpions. What a great guy and awesome drummer!!

Mikkey Dee

Picture on the road

08-06-2017: On the road to Sweden! Sweden Rock Festival, here we come!


Jan Bechtum is Breaking the Chains

03-06-2017: Jan Bechtum, the original guitar player and composer of the band Picture, will deliver a contribution to Breaking the Chains. Picture was the first Dutch metal band to sign a record deal in 1980. ‘Bombers’ was declared the Dutch metal-anthem by Aardschok back then. Picture has already toured both in Holland and abroad, and they have been the support bands of acts as AC/DC, Saxon and Ted Nugent. Picture has now gone back to their roots after 38 years, playing in their original line-up for fun.


Later this year a South-American tour will follow. And, if you happen to be in Sweden this month, you can see Picture live on ‘Sweden Rock’, as the second Dutch band ever to perform there.


What was your first thought when you got the question to participate in the BTC project? And what was your motivation to say yes?
,,I was very excited and honored to be asked by Kristoffer for this wonderful project. There are a lot of good causes to work for but this project immediately touched my heart. I have 3 grown-up sons and I love them very much. Why some people think it’s OK to abuse children is beyond me. My heart is really into this project.”


What do you want or hope to be able to contribute to BTC album?
,,I am already recording tracks for one of the songs I contributed with Bart Hennephof, the producer. It’s going great. I will participate on as many activities as possible to help this project.”


Are there activities planned for your band Picture at the moment or the near future?
,,Picture is doing a lot of shows this year with the classic line-up of 1979-1982 when we recorded the first 2 Picture albums. We will be playing Sweden Rock Festival in June this year and a few other festivals in Germany, Portugal, Belgium and probably Spain, Greece and Italy as well. Later on in 2017 we will be touring South America, where we have a huge fan base. We are also putting new songs together for a new studio album and we are also gathering video material for a live DVD. We’re having so much fun!”


Interview by HeadBangers LifeStyle

More info about Breaking the Chains on Facebook or visit the website.

Confirmed: Picture at Rotterdam Rocks

11-05-2017: We are proud to announce today that Picture is one of the headliners at Rotterdam Rocks on September 23rd 2017. It is not the first time Picture played at this great festival but it is indeed the first time Picture is gonna perform there with the original line-up. Tickets are already for sale. Read more and  order your tickets here.

Rotterdam Rocks

Good news for Peter Strykes

20-04-2017: Today we heard that our colleague and friend is, after a big fight, totally free from cancer.
We want to congratulate him and his family with this fantastic news!!!
On the 14 of may he gives his first gig and we hope that a lot of gigs will follow soon!!! We wish you the best!!!!

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Jan, Laurens, Rinus, Ronald & Appie.

Peter Strykes update

04-03-2017: Remember Peter Strykes? He was our stand-in vocalist for Portugal in 2016. And he is one of our best friends. Peter went through difficult times and heavy treatments due to cancer. But Peter is a rock, a warrior and a fighter. Look how he looks today. Isn’t that amazing??? Rinus and Bakkie visited Peter today. Look for yourself. What an amazing PICTURE!!!

Picture together with Metropole Orchestra?

12-02-2017: Please vote for PICTURE! We are on a list of Dutch artists who may be given the opportunity to record a song with the superb and well-known Metropole Orchestra. Imagine a classic Picture song with a full orchestra behind it. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Search for our name on the page and please push the “STEM” (vote) button. (After that confirm your vote in the email they will send you). Thanks!!!! ***btw: if you did not get the confirmation email: check your spam folder***

DVD recording Ridderkerk (video)

22-01-2017: Yesterday, DVD recording in Ridderkerk NL. Uploaded by Betonuur.

Difficult times for Peter Strykes

11-01-2016: We are very sad about the news of our dear friend Peter Strykes we received this day. He has to fight a heavy battle against cancer. We wish him and his family all the strength they need trough this difficult times. You’re not alone, Peter! We will fight with you!