Rinus Vreugdenhil


Rien, Born in 1951, is the bass player and longest standing member of the dutch heavy metal band Picture.

He started out in the band Lemming as the bass player and sound mixer. He started playing bass because he liked the low sound. In 1977, he met up with Laurens Bakker and with various musicians, started Picture.

By 1979 Jan Bechtum and Ronald van Prooijen had joined the band for their first stable (and the classic) lineup. Throughout various lineup changes, he carried the torch and kept Picture going until the final breakup. He felt there was still some life left in the band but with so many personnel changes and the changing music scene, he had to let it go until 2007.

Rien’s influences included Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple and Frank Zappa. He used a Gibson thunderbird bass and Sound City, Dynacord and later on Peavey amps.