Metal meets Classic for Christmas Picture + Waldin Roes

This year for Christmas, I wrote with my band Picture and Waldin Roes a song for all of you, friends near and far.

A carefree song, without too many pretensions, a strong and gentle song, like a true Abruzzese, a song that you almost think is yet another bullshit but when you have listened to it well … intensely I mean … it stays inside you like that good wine that you were drinking.

A song about love, the one between people, the one of the heart, that pure feeling that we think is going to disappear, of course the period is what it is but what the heck, it will have to end.

A Christmas song written in one breath, like this sonnet that I’m sure Proietti or Sordi would have appreciated, written with a trembling hand and turned with little pretense because you know, at Christmas what we love most are surprises!

Phoenix Reborn