If you say Holland and the first Dutch metal band, which image comes to mind then? Right! We’re talking about PICTURE! And they’re back stronger and more motivated than ever.

Picture was the very first Dutch hardrock band with a “record deal”. With a history of 7 released albums world-wide and extensive tours throughout Europe with a.o. AC/DC, Saxon, Ted Nugent, Rose Tattoo and April Wine, everybody understands the past of Picture.

Picture 1979Picture 1981

Back in 1979 the story of Picture began. Classic songs like Heavy Metal Ears, Diamond dreamer, Bombers and Eternal Dark (covered later by Swedish metal giants Hammerfall) and highly energetic live performances made Picture a very successful band. Picture paved the way for all other successful Dutch hardrock bands that followed in their footsteps soon afterwards.

In many countries in the world Picture is treated as a cult band and when the long anticipated reunion finally happened at the beginning of 2008, many invitations to play on big (foreign) festivals followed soon. A limited edition live CD was being recorded and from December 2008 until January 2009 the band retreated in the StarSound Studios in Utrecht (Holland) to record their new studio album “Old Dogs New Tricks”.

October 1st 2009, 30 years after the release of their first album, a new Picture studio album “Old Dogs New Tricks” is officially released. The album contains a wide variety of hard rock and old school metal songs, completed with a breath taking ballad. The album was produced by Nico Verrips, who already produced and wrote numerous hits into the charts and who kept the eighties feeling, but gave the record a contemporary modern sound.

Old Dogs New Tricks is a typical Picture album with a variety of heavy and dynamic songs. The powerful and raw voice of Pete Lovell shows to its full advantage with this kind of heavy music. Add the brilliantly composed songs anno 2009 to this and you will agree that this is Picture back for good!! This is Picture 2009! Be prepared to be blown away…

On February 22nd 2012 the next album was released called Warhorse. Introducing Mike Ferguson and Peter Bourbon as the new guitarists. Produced by the members of Picture and mixed by Oscar Holleman at RS29. The album contains pure metal in the true sense of the word. 2012 was predicted as a year of huge change for planet Earth and so it was. With the release of Warhorse Picture showed that they are still alive and rocking. Unfortunately, due to logistical problems, Peter Bourbon had to leave, but that spot was soon filled by another Dutch guitarist, Len Ruygrok. After a few months he decided to leave and former member Andre Wullems came back. The band continues to tour and solidify their reputation in the world of heavy rock and metal. In April and May 2014 the band did a huge tour through South America wich resulted in sold out gigs. The tour was so successful that the band promised all fans to return soon to South America. However, the next South America tour took place in March 2016 and was another milestone for Picture.

Classic line-up back together again!

Short after the South America Tour vocalist Pete Lovell announced his departure from Picture to form another band. Also the two guitarist deceided to leave and join the new band. In less than a day the two members left, Rinus and Laurens, assured the fans that this is not the end of Picture. They introduced the return of Jan Bechtum and the return of the very first Picture vocalist Ronald van Prooijen. Planned gigs in 2016 will be done by Rinus and Laurens with the former members but in 2017 the new line-up will be touring. In June 2016 Picture announced the new fifth member of the band: Appie de Gelder from the band Ijzeren Maagden.

Picture is ready for 2018 and beyond!!! With a huge tour and a brand new album in the making scheduled for 2019. Stay tuned! Stay metal!