CD: Picture – Old Dogs New Tricks


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1. Old Dogs New Tricks
2. Blood Out Of A Stone
3. High On Fire
4. Live By The Sword
5. Now It’s Too Late
6. Just Incredible
7. Who Can You Trust
8. Opposites Attract
9. Choosing Your Sign
10. A Better Soul
11. Celtic Cross
12. Never In A Million Years



12 brand new tracks from Picture since their last studio release in 1986. Including “Old dogs new tricks”, “Live by the sword” and the ballad “Now it’s too late”. Released in 2009 by Marsmountains

Personnel staff:

Jan Bechtum: Guitar
Rob van Enkhuizen: Guitar
Rinus Vreugdenhil: Bass guitar
Pete Lovell: Vocals
Laurens “Bakkie” Bakker: Drums

Production, mixing and mastering: Nico Verrips